E-Max Crowns

Developing technology has opened the door to impressive innovations in the field of dentistry. One of these innovations is the aesthetic and durable porcelain crowns called E-Max crowns. In this article, we will focus in detail on topics such as what E-Max crowns are, what their advantages are, how they are applied and who they are suitable for.What are E-Max Crowns?E-Max crowns are crowns made of lithium disilicate porcelain. Dentists state that this special porcelain material offers high-level performance in terms of aesthetics and durability. E-Max crowns, used especially on front teeth, provide an aesthetic appearance very similar to natural teeth.Advantages1. Natural LookE-Max crowns mimic light permeability like natural teeth. This feature helps teeth gain a natural and aesthetic appearance.2. DurabilityLithium disilicate material gives E-Max crowns a feature that gives high durability to the teeth. It can cope with daily activities and offers a long-lasting solution.3. BiocompatibleE-Max crowns contain lithium disilicate and are considered a body-compatible material. It minimizes the risk of allergic reactions and increases biocompatibility.4. Minimal FilingMinimal filing is done during the application of E-Max crowns. This means a less invasive treatment process and preservation of more intact tooth tissue.5. Color ConstancyThe ability to not change color over time helps E-Max crowns maintain their long-term aesthetic appearance.Application Process1. Inspection and PlanningAfter a detailed examination with the patient, a treatment plan is created. E-Max crowns are prepared in accordance with the color selection and condition of the teeth.2. Preparation PhaseThe teeth are minimally filed and measurements are taken. These measurements are sent to a dental laboratory and specially prepared crowns are produced.3. PlacementThe prepared E-Max crowns are placed on the patient's teeth by the dentist. Color and fit are checked and corrections are made if necessary.4. PastingCrowns are permanently placed on the teeth using special adhesives. After the bonding process, the patient can return to normal daily activities.Who is it suitable for?E-Max crowns are a suitable option for anyone who has aesthetic concerns and wants to improve the appearance of their teeth. Since it is used especially on the front teeth, patients with high aesthetic expectations may consider this treatment method.ResultsE-Max crowns offer a perfect solution to patients looking for aesthetics and durability. As a result of your discussions with your dentist, you can create a special treatment plan for you and achieve a healthy, natural and aesthetic smile. Smiling can improve not only your appearance but also your self-confidence. With E-Max crowns, you can get one step closer to the smile of your dreams. Top of Form

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