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The Adventure Of Our Clients

Our patients are our vehicles from abroad VIP transfer from the airport to the hotel and lasting change to the adventure of the clinic.

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Hair transplant Treatments

Stop hair loss. Hair transplantation is a natural and permanent solutions immediately contact! Click here for details and renewed enjoy your view.

Dental Treatments

Rediscover Your Smile: Achieve a healthy and attractive smile with dental treatment, boost your self-confidence. With our expert team we offer the most suitable solutions for you. For more information, click it, and experience the transformation of your smile.

Aesthetic Surgery

The bridge between beauty and self confidence With plastic surgery, get the look of your dreams! For more information about our services and your process of transformation, click here.

Medical Aesthetics

Health Beauty Floor: Get medical aesthetic natural and youthful look. With the guidance of our experts, reducing signs of aging by renewing your skin and do maintenance yourself.

Bariatric Surgery

Healthy Step Into The Future: Provide control weight through bariatric surgery. With the guidance of our expert surgeons, partially open the door to a new life and get your health. Click to get more information about bariatric surgery.

Why Selda Center

Small Touches For Great Results

Selda hair Center patients from abroad, technological devices and methods of modern medical aesthetic and plastic surgery, all kinds of services in the field of medical aesthetics and hair transplantation are helping to take.

Patient satisfaction and safety is our top priority. Selda hair Center as the natural aesthetic of our patients, we always aim that you get the results.

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