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Hair Laser

Hair is an important element that determines the aesthetic appearance of both women and men. However, unhealthy conditions brought by modern life, stress, genetic factors and various health problems can cause hair loss. Hair loss can reduce people's quality of life by affecting their motivation and self-confidence. At this point, hair laser treatment offers an effective solution for those who want to strengthen hair and stop hair loss.What is Hair Laser?Hair laser is a treatment method that allows hair to grow stronger and grow healthier by increasing blood circulation in the hair area by using laser devices that are products of modern technology. This method offers an effective solution against hair loss by triggering new hair growth in bald areas. Hair laser treatment stimulates hair follicles by applying low-level laser light or LED lights to the scalp. This stimulation increases cellular activity, accelerates blood circulation and reduces hair loss by revitalizing hair follicles. Additionally, it thickens thin hair strands and supports the hair to gain a healthy appearance.How is Hair Laser Treatment Applied?Hair laser treatment includes the following steps:
  1. Consultation and Hair Analysis: The person's hair structure and degree of loss are evaluated by a specialist dermatologist.
  2. Treatment Planning: A personalized treatment plan is determined based on hair analysis. The number and frequency of sessions are determined.
  3. Preparation: The hair area is cleaned and a serum that accelerates the nutrition of the hair is applied by opening tiny channels with a dermapen.
  4. Laser Application: Blood circulation is increased by applying laser beams to the dysfunctional capillaries under the scalp.
  5. Completion and Maintenance: After the application, dermapen and serum are used to increase the effectiveness of the laser application.
  6. Duration and Frequency of Sessions: In the first stage, it is applied in 20-minute sessions twice a week. Visible results can be obtained after 10 sessions in total.
Hair Laser Treatment and Advantages:
  • Painless and Safe: Hair laser treatment is a painless procedure and generally has minimal side effects.
  • Thick and Shiny Hair: The treatment supports the formation of thick and shiny hair by strengthening hair follicles.
  • Combined Use with Hair Transplantation: Hair laser treatment can help achieve more effective results by using it before and after hair transplantation.
Hair Laser Treatment and Women:Hair loss in women is usually due to genetic, hormonal and nutritional sources. Hair laser treatment offers an effective solution against hair loss in women. The treatment is used to stop hair loss, strengthen and revitalize the hair. It can be combined with other treatments used against hair loss and is suitable for restoring hair health in women. In conclusion, hair laser treatment is an innovative method brought about by modern technology and can help fight hair loss in a healthy, safe and effective way. After the application, a visible improvement and strengthening of the person's hair can be achieved. It should not be forgotten that it is important to consult a specialist dermatologist before treatment.

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