Penis Enlargement

Issues of penis length, thickness and functionality have become important among men due to aesthetic concerns and functional expectations. Penis aesthetic surgeries offer a solution for men who want to deal with various deformities, thinness and curvatures resulting from these problems.A Normal Penis Size: The length of a penis that is not yet erect may vary between 5-8 cm. When erect, a normal penis reaches an average length of 13-15 cm. Penis size varies from person to person and penis enlargement procedures can be applied in line with the patient's demands.Penis Length Enlargement Surgeries: In penis lengthening surgeries, the superficial and suspensory ligaments of the penis are loosened and the invisible part of the penis is removed. This method makes the penis appear more erect and erect. It is one of the most up-to-date methods with high patient satisfaction. This surgery involves advancing the remaining tissue of the penis to the outside and usually does not cause loss of erection, sensation or feeling. With this process, a maximum net elongation of 3-4 cm is achieved.Penis Thickening: Penis thickening is done by injecting the patient's own fat tissue into the penis. Fat is removed from the patient with the liposuction technique, and the preferred areas are generally the waist area or inner legs. This procedure gives the penis a fuller appearance.Anesthesia Type: Penile aesthetic surgeries are generally performed with local anesthesia and sedation anesthesia technique. This means that the patient can rest in the hospital and return home shortly after the operation, without feeling any pain during the operation. In some cases, general anesthesia may be preferred, especially if liposuction will be performed on the upper part of the penis root.Conclusion: Penile aesthetic surgeries, when planned by expert surgeons, can help patients meet their aesthetic expectations and solve their functional problems. These surgeries can positively affect individuals' quality of life by increasing their self-confidence.

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