Otoplasty is a surgical procedure that is literally referred to as "ear aesthetics". This aesthetic operation is the process of rearranging the shape of the auricle, that is, the auricle, to give a more natural and aesthetic appearance. There are many different surgical techniques and methods for otoplasty, and these techniques can be applied successfully by a few surgeons. Otoplasty often offers a solution for individuals who are unhappy with their ear shape. Pathological conditions such as prominent or large-looking ears, absence or weakness of the antihelix, and cavum turbinate hypertrophy can be corrected using various otoplasty techniques, resulting in natural and patient-satisfying results. This aesthetic operation is performed at the most appropriate time, especially in pre-school children, usually around the age of 5. Because prominent ears being the subject of ridicule at school age can negatively affect the child's psychology. Otoplasty surgery is usually performed under general anesthesia and can take 1-2 hours on average. With an incision made behind the ear, the desired ear shape is determined and the surgery is performed using suturing techniques. During the surgery, cartilage excision is performed when necessary and a natural aesthetic ear is tried to be obtained. After the surgery, the incision behind the ear is closed with sutures, resulting in an inconspicuous scar that is usually not disturbing. The risk of infection is minimized when proper hygiene and sterilization are provided during and after the operation. The quality and suitability of the stitches used prevents problems such as ear opening, re-scooping or deformity. Postoperative dressings, appropriate bleeding control and postoperative follow-up prevent hematoma formation. Postoperative dressing and checks usually last 10 days. After the stitches are removed on the tenth day, the patient can return to his daily social life. The use of an elastic head bandage only at night may be recommended to achieve better results. Otoplasty is an effective plastic surgery procedure that helps patients feel better and achieve a youthful and natural appearance. A detailed examination and surgical planning before surgery is important to meet patients' expectations. Top of Form

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