Neck Lift

Neck Lift

Thanks to our center, which includes aesthetic applications and allows you to achieve a better appearance, you can also take care of your health, which is important for your health. neck lift You can quickly get detailed information about its operations.

What should be considered for Neck Lift?

You can learn from us what to pay attention to before surgery. Neck Lift Evaluations are made on the patient before the operation. Smoking is not allowed earlier than 3 weeks. It is also recommended to stay away from medications that have blood thinning or slimming effects. It is important that the doctor is informed about the medications the patient constantly uses. Thus, medications that the doctor deems appropriate to continue should be used, and medications that are not permitted should be stopped. We remind you that you can access the best information thanks to your specialist doctor who will make the plans weeks in advance.

What should be taken into consideration after the Neck Lift operation?

to be completed successfully neck lift How the patient should behave after the surgery is evaluated. The patient is not discharged from the hospital for 1 night. Thanks to the corset used in the neck area, there is less risk of pain and edema. After having this operation, it will be possible to return to your completely normal life only after the 3rd day. Just like other aesthetic operations, you need to stay away from sunlight for 3 months after this procedure.

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