People who have excessive hair loss due to metabolic, seasonal and stress-related reasons, people who have hair breakage, lifeless and dull appearance can benefit from hair mesotherapy.

Special mixtures are prepared according to the person's hair structure, loss and wear rate. These mixtures contain elements that increase blood circulation. Experts who will perform mesotherapy may add different products to the mixture depending on the patient's hair structure. The prepared mixture is placed into the mesotherapy gun. With this tool, it is possible to apply the process more easily and evenly to the entire scalp.

This process is repeated until the hair transplant surgeon collects enough follicular units for the planned hair transplant. This process can take 6 hours or more and can be performed over two consecutive days in large sessions. Donor wounds, which are approximately 1 mm in size, heal completely within seven to ten days.

Before the grafts are removed, tiny "recipient areas" are opened in the balding area of the scalp using a fine-tipped tool. Grafts are then placed in recipient areas where they will develop into healthy hair-producing follicles.

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