Lower Eyelid

As we age, many changes occur in our body. One of the areas where these changes are most evident is the face and around the eyes. Bagging, sagging, wrinkles and shifts in fatty tissue, especially in the lower eyelid, can cause an aged appearance. However, today, it is possible to correct these symptoms with plastic surgery interventions. Lower eyelid aesthetics is an effective solution that gives youth and vitality to your eyes.Lower Eyelid Aging Symptoms:Signs of aging in the lower eyelid usually occur due to age combined with genetic factors. The following symptoms may be signs of aging in the lower eyelid:
  1. Bagging and Loosening: Bags under the eyes cause the lower eyelid to lose its young and fresh appearance.
  2. Grooves formed: The formation of grooves limiting under-eye bags indicates the weakening of the structures around the eyes.
  3. Cheek Depressions: Depressions in the cheek area caused by gravity may require lower eyelid aesthetics.
  4. Thinning and Wrinkles: Thinning of the skin around the eyes and wrinkles are obvious signs of aging.
  5. Crow's Feet Lines: Crow's feet lines that appear around the eyes may become more noticeable over time.
  6. Weakening in Eyelid Muscles: Weakening of the eyelid muscles may increase aesthetic problems around the eyes.
Lower Eyelid Aesthetics Decision:When deciding on lower eyelid aesthetics, it is important to evaluate the patient's face as a whole. A physical exam plays a key role in determining genetic predispositions and how the aging process affects them. Aging in the lower eyelid should generally be considered together with signs of aging in the cheek area. For this reason, lower eyelid aesthetics is often performed together with midface lift surgery.Lower Eyelid Aesthetic Procedure:Lower eyelid aesthetic procedures generally begin with an incision made under the lower eyelid. The eyelid skin and muscle are lifted through this incision and the fat pads are corrected. This procedure aims to eliminate bags and depressions under the eyes. Endoscopic surgery can also be performed to correct the fat tissue in the cheek area. The procedure is usually performed under general anesthesia and can take 2-4 hours.Process After Lower Eyelid Surgery:After lower eyelid aesthetics, the patient's recovery process is generally rapid. In the first few weeks, swelling and bruising decrease and scars become more visible. Although the recovery process varies from person to person, patients can return to their normal daily activities after a surgery that generally takes an average of 2-4 hours.Conclusion:Lower eyelid aesthetics is an effective option to reduce the effects of aging and achieve a youthful appearance. The procedure rejuvenates the entire face by correcting bags, depressions and wrinkles in the lower eyelid. A detailed examination and evaluation before surgery is a critical step in achieving the best results.

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