Lip Lift

Lip lift surgery is a plastic surgery procedure, also referred to as short upper lip, and generally offers an ideal solution for individuals who are not satisfied with the length of the upper lip area. In this case, when the red area of the lips, that is, the vermillion part, is less visible, the upper lip may be perceived as short and the lip-nose distance may appear to be extended. To camouflage this situation, women try to highlight their lips by applying their lipstick upwards, but this is a temporary solution. Lip lift surgery aims to provide a permanent and effective solution to this aesthetic problem. During the surgery, a small incision is made at the junction of the upper lip and nose, that is, right under the nose. After this incision, excess skin is removed. Sutures are carefully placed under the skin to preserve the natural shape of the skin and provide adequate support for the lips. While deep stitches help maintain the shape of the lip, the seams are meticulously closed so that they are not visible. Lip lift surgery reshapes the "cupid's bow", that is, two different peaks on the upper lip, and aims to give the lips an angel wing effect by reducing the distance between the base of the nose and the upper lip. Aestheticians generally believe that the ideal length of this vertical area should be between 12-15 millimeters (mm). One of the most obvious advantages of lip lift surgery is that the scars are almost invisible thanks to the correct placement of the incision. Since the skin edges are meticulously aligned, postoperative scars are successfully hidden and shaded. During the recovery process, patients achieve a younger and fresher appearance with the self-confidence of having young and prominent lips. This plastic surgery procedure is an adjustable surgery and allows the amount of skin to be removed depending on the person's wishes. In addition, injectable fillers can also be applied to patients who want fuller lips. Lip lift surgery makes patients feel better by balancing their facial features and adding aesthetic appeal to their lips. This surgery stands out as a solution that offers aesthetically pleasing and long-term results.

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