BBL Aesthetics

The first thing that people who want a proportionate body have butt lift surgery done is. These surgeries are very common today and are painless and special surgeries. People definitely resort to these techniques to achieve a fuller and rounder butt appearance. To make the butt look like this, transfers are made with special oil. Transfers are made from fat tissues to increase fullness, especially in the hip area. It is known as a popular surgery that has become quite widespread. In this way What is bbl? The answers to such questions are given in the most accurate way.

In butt lift aesthetics, special shapes are given to the size of the hips without using silicone. Especially with liposuction, excess fat in the abdomen, thighs or waist is removed and injected into the buttocks. With this surgery, all proportions that may occur in the body are healed correctly. Disproportionate appearances are prevented, especially by removing fat from excess areas. Thus, integrity is ensured in the most accurate way.

If the person has low fat mass in his body, this can also occur thanks to silicone. Silicones of the desired size are placed in the lower part of the penis without damaging the butt tissues in any way. The most suitable method for butt reduction or butt lift is liposuction.


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