Gastric Balloon 1 Year

1-year gastric balloon offers an important solution for patients who struggle with weight problems and have a little more weight to lose. This balloon, which is inserted and removed via endoscopy and can remain in the stomach for 12 months, is designed to support the weight loss process.What is a 1-Year Gastric Balloon and How Does It Work?The 1-year gastric balloon is a device that is placed in the stomach via endoscopy and allows the stomach volume to increase by filling it with liquid. It remains in the stomach for 12 months and helps the person lose weight during this period. Having the balloon in the stomach helps the person eat less and feel full more quickly.Who is it suitable for?Although the 1-year gastric balloon is especially applied to patients with a body mass index (BMI) over 27, it is a more ideal option for patients with a BMI over 30. It is designed for people who have a little more weight to lose.Advantages and Results1-year gastric balloon offers a long-term solution and at the end of the process, weight loss of 20-30 kilos can be achieved. This is an important success for people who have serious weight problems and want to regain their health. Inserting and removing the balloon via endoscopy may cause mild discomfort initially, but these effects are usually temporary.Results1-year gastric balloon stands out as an effective and reliable option in the weight loss process. This method, which is especially preferred in cases where more weight needs to be lost, is an important step for anyone aiming for a healthy life. However, as with any medical intervention, this gastric balloon application must be performed under the supervision of a specialist doctor. Top of Form

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